Let's Start this ... Shall we?

So here we are again. At the beginning of a blog. Its been about 4 months since I, once again, began a journey which involved exercise, and that dirty D word... Diet. And its been about 1 month, since that all went out the window. Rather than looking at it as a failure, I'm embracing it, looking at it as a learning curve. And I am going to use this pretty new space (it is pretty isn't it?) to get back on track. Not just in that journey, but in my personal creative journey, with a project that I am launching in 29 days (more on that later) and well, every other aspect of my life. I hope to fill these entries with lovely images, lovely inspiration, lovely stories. All the lovely things. Every single one. This will be a place of happiness, a place where I will be honest, and open and on top of everything else, A place where I will be me. In whatever form that happens to take.

I am pretty excited about this new journey. So if you want to come along for the ride, well quite simply put, I would love that. Buckle in, it could be a bumpy one.

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