We're going to the Zoo!

After my lovely Birthday Celebration on Saturday night, my sweet man took me on a little date to the Wellington Zoo! It has been years {Literally like, 8 years!} since I have been to the Zoo, and even though it was a little windy it was a super lovely! There had been big changes to the zoo since I had last visited, and I really enjoyed spending the afternoon walking around, looking around, and holding that fella's hand. {And my teeshirt was a total coincidence! ROAR!}

Party Time

I got to celebrate turning 24 with some of my favourite people, at a cute new little mexican place in the heart of Wellington City. I love mexican food, and was really excited to try out not only a new place, but somewhere that I had heard had some of the best tacos in town! Its safe to say that it was not Paleo Friendly, and it is safe to say that I didn't care.

We shared great food, delicious cocktails and lots of good times and laughs. I was totally spoilt by these beauties that I am lucky enough to call good friends, I am talking super spoilt, which was so lovely, and also super naughty on their parts! After dinner we went to a few bars, executed a few rad dance moves, and then me and the Mister headed back to a swanky inner city hotel, watched the start of a movie, and fell asleep. A perfect way to celebrate the beginning of a new year in the life of me, if I do say so myself.

Lets Get Physical

Cardio/Weights/Sweaty Work Out Me

Its no secret my feelings towards the gym. Exercise is not my favourite thing in the world. Its not even my second favourite, or my third, or my one hundredth. But its part of this journey. A wise woman told me that you can't out train a bad diet, and last week definitely proved that for me, but I know that fitness, and exercise are an important part of this jorney. So I am trying to remain positive about it and find the things that I enjoy and stick with them.

Last night was my first official work out in my new gym. You see, I had been working out at a Crossfit gym with some of the most amazing ladies. Unfortunately, since I have moved, I am pretty far away from the venue, and with work the way that it has been, it hasn't been possible to get back. But, last night, after a little warm up on the treadmill, I used the space in a similar way that I would of for one of my work outs at the box. It wasn't the same, but it felt good to be getting back into some sort of routine. I am sore tonight that is for sure.

Next week, the routine is being intensified. I am going to check in on Sunday with a bit of an update around how things are going, and hopefully share a couple of my favourite recipes from the week too.

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