Her mother must be disappointed

I have thought a lot about whether I should write this. I have decided that I need to because I am still thinking about it. On Sunday, I headed to the airport to catch a plane down to the bottom of my lovely country. I want in casual Sunday attire, 3/4 leggings, a tunic and a cardigan. I checked in, and I headed to my gate. Nothing to out of the ordinary here. As I walked in there were about 30 other people waiting, some reading newspapers, some talking to their friends, others just waiting for the boarding call. Minding my own business, I sat myself down and turned on my iPad.

Then. It. Happened. I over heard a conversation. {I should note, this wasn't said directly to my face, rather on the chairs behind where I was sitting} It went a little something like this.
He said "Did you see that girls legs? They are horrible. Look at all those tattoos."
She said "Oh dear yes they are horrible aren't they?"
He said "She could of had the decency to cover them up while she was travelling. They are just awful"
The pair paused for a moment
He said "She probably doesn't have a job."
She said "Well who would employ her with those on her legs? She probably couldn't do much anyway"
He said "She might of been to jail you know"
It carried on for a while. And then ... then came the clincher
He said "Her mother must be so disappointed in her"

I was furious. I almost couldn't process my next move. I waited. I composed myself. And then I made the decision not to say anything. It wasn't worth causing a scene over two peoples opinions. And yet, as I sat on the plane knowing that these closed minded, ignorant folk had made this assumption about who I was, based on the fact that I have tattoos. What hurt the most was the assumption, that because of a decision to get tattoos that obviously my mother must be disappointed.

So here is my response. Because this is my space, and I can say what I want.

I am a twenty four years old. I graduated from Victoria University when I was twenty one with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Religious Studies and Criminology. I graduated from Yoobee Design School when I was twenty three. My professional career has included working as for a minister of the government, a national administrator for a Foster Parent organisation, an Academic Registry employee, and most recently a project co-ordinator for the Department of Corrections. I have around twenty tattoos. Each one either represents a significant moment, person or event in my life to date, or a reminder of something a little bit deeper. The ink on my skin does not effect my success in my education, career or life. In fact, I would argue it only really enriches it, because it allows me to express not only who I am as a person, but the things that mean the most to me in this world. I have incredible friends, a wonderful family who love me, and my life is pretty damn amazing.

I appreciate that tattoos are not for everyone. Much in the same way bare skin is not for everyone. I do not judge a person based on the fact that they chose to remain untattooed. I do not judge a person because they choose to colour their hair, wear contact lenses to change their eye colour, or the clothes that they chose to wear. When I made the decision to get tattooed, I was not thinking about other people. I was not thinking about the way that other people would view me. I got these permanent reminders for myself. I am not asking you to love them, I am not even asking you to like them. I do not believe that because I have tattoos I deserve anything less than anyone else.

And just for the record. My mother, loves me. Tattoos or not.

Exploring Napier

Napier is such a pretty city. I'm lucky that I get to spend a little bit of time up there every now and then because the mister is from that area. But I had a couple of hours before my flight home late last week, so I spent the afternoon enjoying a delicious lunch, wandering round and exploring some of the nooks and crannies. It was a really lovely afternoon even if it was raining!

Oh Sweet Auckland


Isn't it funny when you live somewhere it is never the same as when you are visiting. I called auckland home for a little while a few years back. I loved it, but, I had to move home. Now, just like I use to, I love to visit this city any chance I get. It is filled with beautiful friends, and good memories. On this trip, I was lucky that I got to spend a little under 20 hours in the city, minus a bit of sleep that left me with around 12 hours to hang out, explore some new spots, and catch up with a good friend who I miss dearly.

It's not secret I love mexican food, so we went out for dinner to a lovely little mexican spot in Misson Bay and enjoyed a couple of Margaritias and some delicious food! All of my Auckland friends had been raving about this sweet little cookie bar, so of course that was one of my first stops the next morning, and with its mighty name Moustache, it didnt disappoint. The cookies were so delicious, I only wish I had bought more. We made a brunch stop into Ponsonby Central. Man what an incredible little market. I wish it existed when I lived there. Fresh organic produce, beautiful colourful fresh flowers, eateries to absolutely swoon over. It was delicious. The afternoon was spent sharing laughs, exploring old nooks and crannies and then off to the airport for the next leg of the tour. I can tell you, I was looking forward to my own bed at that point.

Car rides and New Cities

A six hour car ride meant lots of time to stop in cute little spots all throughout the country and get some fun little snaps. I spent the night in Te Awamutu, ate a delicious dinner {although, man I am looking forward to homemade paleo treats again soon!} and then had a fabulously early night. After another really succesful workday, I got back in the car and drove 2 hours back up the island, to the lovely Auckland City. I can't wait to show you some of the stuff I got up to while I was in the city, it's one of my favourites.

Far North

For those of you who don't know what I do outside of my creative life, I work for the New Zealand Department of Corrections. I studied Criminology at University and while I didn't necessarily start off on this track, I have found that I love my job. I work in the Service Development team, design and implementation, education and training. Basically, I work with a bunch of people who are creating new education and training opportunities for offenders both inside and outside of the wire. {Maybe I will write another post about that sometime...} As part of my job I am spending the next week and a bit travelling around to 5 of our correctional facilities, to train and implement a new project.

First stop is the top of the North Island. Its a pretty remote location, so I had to fly in the day before in order to be here first thing in the morning for the training. After two flights, including one on a plane with only 18 seats, I arrived in this afternoon, and lucky for me, the sun was shining, so I took the chance to wander the streets. Man, what a beautiful spot! I truly do live in the most beautiful country. After exploring a little, I came back to my hotel room, ran a bubble bath and have now snuggled into the bed  ... I might even watch a movie. Not bad for a Sunday if I do say so myself.

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