Far North

For those of you who don't know what I do outside of my creative life, I work for the New Zealand Department of Corrections. I studied Criminology at University and while I didn't necessarily start off on this track, I have found that I love my job. I work in the Service Development team, design and implementation, education and training. Basically, I work with a bunch of people who are creating new education and training opportunities for offenders both inside and outside of the wire. {Maybe I will write another post about that sometime...} As part of my job I am spending the next week and a bit travelling around to 5 of our correctional facilities, to train and implement a new project.

First stop is the top of the North Island. Its a pretty remote location, so I had to fly in the day before in order to be here first thing in the morning for the training. After two flights, including one on a plane with only 18 seats, I arrived in this afternoon, and lucky for me, the sun was shining, so I took the chance to wander the streets. Man, what a beautiful spot! I truly do live in the most beautiful country. After exploring a little, I came back to my hotel room, ran a bubble bath and have now snuggled into the bed  ... I might even watch a movie. Not bad for a Sunday if I do say so myself.

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