Paleo Smash

Sometimes you want to eat something that you know is going to be delicious... But, its 7pm, you've been at work all day, and then the gym, and then folded the washing, and answered your emails, and probably done a hundred other things in between, and you really [I mean REALLY] can not be bothered spending 45 minutes making something to eat. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love cooking, but some nights, I miss the convenience of being able to heat up a pasta snack.

Enter Paleo Smash. For the record, I definitely didn't invent this. I think probably every Paleo recipe book/blog has this on it. And to be honest, its become a bit of a staple. Because it really is a throw together. It is not only great for those nights you can't be bothered, but also for those ones when you don't have much left in the fridge and really should go to the supermarket [shifty eyes... that isn't me at all] Basically its a matter of grabbing whatever you want. My Smash usually goes a little something like this...

Dice up some bacon, capiscum, mushrooms, kumara [to save some time I totally microwaved my kumara for 2 minutes to pre-cook it... Smart right?] and anything else you fancy. I have added zucchini, pumpkin, tomato and all sorts of other bits and pieces! Add the bacon to the pan and cook for 2-3 minutes. Remove the bacon and cook the veges using the left over bacon fat. Add everything back to the pan and cover. Cooking for 2-3 minutes. Crack 2 eggs over the veges. Cover and allow the steam to cook the eggs, usually for about 4-5 minutes, I like my eggs runny! Transfer from pan to plate, top with avocado and devour!

I'm telling you. It's quick, it's tasty and its totally nutritious!

Holy Hot Sweaty Yoga

Tonight I tried something that I have always wanted to try. Hot Yoga. So much so that I made it part of my 25 before 25. I bought myself a hot pink yoga mat and a dry-cool teeshirt, fished out my teeny tiny bike shorts, packed a towel and picked up a 1.5 litre bottle of water. I was set. Terrified, but set. The closest studio is about a 20 minute drive from my house, so I headed off early, hoping that I would be able to talk to some people once I arrived, and prepare myself for what was coming.

I arrived 15 minutes before the class. Was greeted by a warm friendly smile and when I mentioned it was my first time was given some handy hints (which certainly came in handy!) After quickly visiting the changing rooms, I entered the Energy Room. And I was hit with the heat instantly. I'm talking 40 degrees celsius (around 104 fahrenheit). It was humid, and hot, and I felt the sweat starting instantly. I let myself adjust for a few minutes before the class started. After the first few minutes of stretching I noticed the beads of sweat really starting to fall off my body. I had to sit down a few times between postures because it was pretty over whelming, but I pushed through. We came to the Triangle Pose Trikanasana and there was literally sweat dripping from my finger tips onto the floor.

I have to say that even though it was pretty challenging, I came away feeling pretty good about myself. I was proud of making it through the entire class without having to leave. I am certainly going to go back, in fact I might even try to convince some friends to come with! Because heck, in its own weird way, it was actually fun. Who knows, there might be a yogi in me yet.

There's a party in the USA

Over the weekend the mister and I went to a housewarming that a couple of our lovely friends. It was Americana themed and costumes were of course compulsory! Greg and I went through a host of ideas before we settled on what seemed only natural... Trailer Trash. We gave Greg a sexy trucker cap mullet and cut off flannel shirt, and I sported some ripped jean shorts, a sexy furry vest, a bandana and the Piece de resistance, my hooters shirt, picked up at an actual hooters when I was in New York! It was a really good night full of Biker chicks, football players, greasers, cowboys and indians and some of my favourite people. And the best bit, I only had 1 budweiser over the whole night! Making good choices people!

What I Ate...v1

The most common question I get when I decline an offer of a chocolate biscuit or handful of lollies at work is "Why?" When I tell people that I am living a Paleo lifestyle the next question is always "What the heck is that?" Once I have sort of briefly broken down what the tenants of paleo actually are, the next question I get is "Well what the heck CAN you actually eat then?"

Since starting on this journey, I have actually cooked more, and eaten more than ever before. I have started to develop a new relationship with food [I will write more about that one later on] and I have found that actually, nourishing your body with wholesome and nutritious foods leaves you feeling so more satisfied and full than that greasy gross large pizza. So I have decided to share a little glimpse into my food journal and show you what I actually eat this week.

You will notice what I had for dinner on Tuesday night. Because this is still what I would consider a new way of thinking, eating and living, I do ocassionally eat what is certainly not considered paleo. Rather than calling it a cheat, I decide to look at it as a treat, and I can  have a treat 1-2 times a week. [more on that later too, I promise] Now I will admit, this wasn't the best treat. It was late into the evening, I hadn't made any dinner plans and the rest of the house was getting take out. So I jumped on the bandwagon. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought, but perhaps that is the lesson learned; That I am not actually missing out after all.

So lets take a look shall we...

See! A lot of really delicious food, even with a couple of treats thrown in for good measure. It was a pretty successful week. I don't plan on sharing my food diary every week, but I thought every now and then I would. It gives me a little extra incentive to be on my best behaviour too! So I thought, why not right? Oh yeah, and maybe, I will share some of the recipes too from time to time, if anyone is interested!

A road less travelled

So this weekend me and my fella decided to enjoy the sunshine and explore some of the walks that surround us. We are pretty lucky that literally 10 minutes from where we live we are surrounded but some really stunning scenery!

The first five pictures are from Saturday when we walked up to an old dam thats literally in the middle of the hills. Its pretty dang picturesque out there, I mean there is even a giant old swing bridge that you have to walk over right at the beginning {yip, I was not that stoked to start with. Stupid heights. but its pretty right?} 

The second five pictures are from todays little mission. Originally we were going to go on a short little 30 minute loop track bushwalk. Then, we sort of started exploring around, and next thing I knew we were in the middle of the bush, off the original track and following the skinniest little track {that I'm still not sure was actually a track} and then when I thought we might nearly be done, we were faced with one of the steepest hill climbs I have ever encountered. I'm talking slippery, muddy, clay hills that almost went straight upwards. I had no clue how I was going to get up that thing, but Greg was so awesome and supportive and encouraged me to keep moving. So after 2 and a half hours of climbing through the hills we finally made it back to the starting point!

Its safe to say that my legs are pretty sore, and I am guessing tomorrow is going to be even worse! But thats ok. We are excited to be able to start exploring a bit more and have decided in a few weeks to tackle a 4 hour walk over some of the ranges nearby. I will keep you posted!

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