A road less travelled

So this weekend me and my fella decided to enjoy the sunshine and explore some of the walks that surround us. We are pretty lucky that literally 10 minutes from where we live we are surrounded but some really stunning scenery!

The first five pictures are from Saturday when we walked up to an old dam thats literally in the middle of the hills. Its pretty dang picturesque out there, I mean there is even a giant old swing bridge that you have to walk over right at the beginning {yip, I was not that stoked to start with. Stupid heights. but its pretty right?} 

The second five pictures are from todays little mission. Originally we were going to go on a short little 30 minute loop track bushwalk. Then, we sort of started exploring around, and next thing I knew we were in the middle of the bush, off the original track and following the skinniest little track {that I'm still not sure was actually a track} and then when I thought we might nearly be done, we were faced with one of the steepest hill climbs I have ever encountered. I'm talking slippery, muddy, clay hills that almost went straight upwards. I had no clue how I was going to get up that thing, but Greg was so awesome and supportive and encouraged me to keep moving. So after 2 and a half hours of climbing through the hills we finally made it back to the starting point!

Its safe to say that my legs are pretty sore, and I am guessing tomorrow is going to be even worse! But thats ok. We are excited to be able to start exploring a bit more and have decided in a few weeks to tackle a 4 hour walk over some of the ranges nearby. I will keep you posted!

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