Holy Hot Sweaty Yoga

Tonight I tried something that I have always wanted to try. Hot Yoga. So much so that I made it part of my 25 before 25. I bought myself a hot pink yoga mat and a dry-cool teeshirt, fished out my teeny tiny bike shorts, packed a towel and picked up a 1.5 litre bottle of water. I was set. Terrified, but set. The closest studio is about a 20 minute drive from my house, so I headed off early, hoping that I would be able to talk to some people once I arrived, and prepare myself for what was coming.

I arrived 15 minutes before the class. Was greeted by a warm friendly smile and when I mentioned it was my first time was given some handy hints (which certainly came in handy!) After quickly visiting the changing rooms, I entered the Energy Room. And I was hit with the heat instantly. I'm talking 40 degrees celsius (around 104 fahrenheit). It was humid, and hot, and I felt the sweat starting instantly. I let myself adjust for a few minutes before the class started. After the first few minutes of stretching I noticed the beads of sweat really starting to fall off my body. I had to sit down a few times between postures because it was pretty over whelming, but I pushed through. We came to the Triangle Pose Trikanasana and there was literally sweat dripping from my finger tips onto the floor.

I have to say that even though it was pretty challenging, I came away feeling pretty good about myself. I was proud of making it through the entire class without having to leave. I am certainly going to go back, in fact I might even try to convince some friends to come with! Because heck, in its own weird way, it was actually fun. Who knows, there might be a yogi in me yet.

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