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The most common question I get when I decline an offer of a chocolate biscuit or handful of lollies at work is "Why?" When I tell people that I am living a Paleo lifestyle the next question is always "What the heck is that?" Once I have sort of briefly broken down what the tenants of paleo actually are, the next question I get is "Well what the heck CAN you actually eat then?"

Since starting on this journey, I have actually cooked more, and eaten more than ever before. I have started to develop a new relationship with food [I will write more about that one later on] and I have found that actually, nourishing your body with wholesome and nutritious foods leaves you feeling so more satisfied and full than that greasy gross large pizza. So I have decided to share a little glimpse into my food journal and show you what I actually eat this week.

You will notice what I had for dinner on Tuesday night. Because this is still what I would consider a new way of thinking, eating and living, I do ocassionally eat what is certainly not considered paleo. Rather than calling it a cheat, I decide to look at it as a treat, and I can  have a treat 1-2 times a week. [more on that later too, I promise] Now I will admit, this wasn't the best treat. It was late into the evening, I hadn't made any dinner plans and the rest of the house was getting take out. So I jumped on the bandwagon. I didn't enjoy it as much as I thought, but perhaps that is the lesson learned; That I am not actually missing out after all.

So lets take a look shall we...

See! A lot of really delicious food, even with a couple of treats thrown in for good measure. It was a pretty successful week. I don't plan on sharing my food diary every week, but I thought every now and then I would. It gives me a little extra incentive to be on my best behaviour too! So I thought, why not right? Oh yeah, and maybe, I will share some of the recipes too from time to time, if anyone is interested!

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