What I Ate ... v2

Most weeks I keep a good track of what I eat, and I have been looking back over the last couple there have been a few more treats than 'seriously paleo tillie' would have liked to see, so I decided that another What I ate was in order. It keeps me a little more accountable when I put what goes into my body in a public place. Its like, best behaviour comes out, which to be honest is what I need sometimes. The thing with this lifestyle change for me is that, when I am in the midst of it, I find it really easy to make the right decisions, but it is when I am teetering on the edge of temptation, with parties, catch up with friends, BBQ's and afternoon teas at work [I know I am leaving but come on guys! Chocolate caramel slice and cupcakes are so hard to resist!!] that things get a little hazy.

I am pleased to report however, that following my What I ate post for the past week, I am down another 3 kilos down [6.6pounds]  So I take that as a sign, that this really is good for my body. Plus the increased energy rates, and the fact that I don't wake up in the morning feeling like I have been hit by a big old metaphorical bus, I am loving this. I really am. I mean check out that food list... What diet right?

Bush Walkin'

I have never been a big fan of the bush. But I suppose that comes from the fact that I really do no have much affection for bugs. Despite of my lack of interest in the creepy crawlies of this world [although it is not limited to crawlies, things that fly or leap also don't really make me that stoked], Over the last couple of months, the mister and I have been exploring some of the awesome tracks and bush area's around our home. Its been nice to be able to get out of the house, away from the technology and the hustle and bustle and just spend some time together and soak up the views, because they are always pretty breathtaking... That is, after the uphill climb, because let's be honest here, that bit always sucks. Always.

So here are a few snapshots from our most recent hike. It was a hot sunny day, and the 3 hour track was just about the perfect distance. It started up by a beautiful historic dam, climbed to the ridgeline, and followed it across to a lookout, where it zig-zagged down to a little park just by our house.

100 Happy Things

I love when I read positive things. I honestly, whole-heartedly believe in the power of positivity. In fact, for the last few weeks I have been making a conscious effort to pay more compliments to the people around me. Its amazing what a little compliment can do for someones day, don't you think?

I was catching up on some of my favourite blogs the other evening, and I stumbled across this little gem, posted by a rather lovely little lady. And it made me smile. So often we take for granted the little things that make life better. It's a natural inclination to focus on the negative, but man, that can get pretty taxing. So, I thought I would follow suit, and celebrate some of the things, that have been making me smile of late.

♥ 1. Red lipstick
♥ 2. Vanilla scented anything
♥ 3. Bushwalks
♥ 4. Stretching my creative limits with my design work
♥ 5. Snuggling with my man
♥ 6. Planning our big move to Melbourne
♥ 7. Cooking new recipes
♥ 8. Discovering new TV shows and watching the whole season
♥ 9. Soy hot chocolates
♥ 10. Sewing
♥ 11. Minimizing my wardrobe
♥ 12. Catching up with friends
♥ 13. Cats
♥ 14. Getting real mail
♥ 15. Baking with Paleo ingredients
♥ 16. Avocados
♥ 17. Being an aunty to some of the coolest kids on the planet
♥ 18. Roadtrips to see family
♥ 19. Exploring parts of the country
♥ 20. Staying in bed late on the weekends
♥ 21. The Voice
♥ 22. Capturing peoples special moments
♥ 23. Haircuts
♥ 24. Making other people feel beautiful
♥ 25. Phone dates with my friends in other cities
♥ 26. Writing notes
♥ 27. Taking too many instagram photos
♥ 28. Strawberries and yoghurt
♥ 29. Reading in bed
♥ 30. That feeling of accomplishment after a big workout
♥ 31. Strawberry Pavlova Tea
♥ 32. New Stationary
♥ 33. Light misty rain
♥ 34. Making lists
♥ 35. Expanding my business
♥ 36. Stripey clothing
♥ 37. Giving compliments. Just because.
♥ 38. BBQ Dinners
♥ 39. Roller Derby
♥ 40. Scratchy Tickets
♥ 41. The smell of old bookstores
♥ 42. Pushing my physical limits, and winning
♥ 43. Mini golf
♥ 44. Dinner parties with friends
♥ 45. Almond milk smoothies
♥ 46. Watching movies at the cinema
♥ 47. Milk and cookies
♥ 48. Perfect summers days
♥ 49. Frozen banana "icecream"
♥ 50. Sweet text messages
♥ 51. Ice cold water
♥ 52. Watermelon and cucumber cider
♥ 53. Growing your own veges
♥ 54. Watching my davings account grow
♥ 55. Colour coding
♥ 56. Day light savings
♥ 57. Spending time with family
♥ 58. Hot Yoga
♥ 59. Knowing even though you havent spoken in months she is still your best friend
♥ 60. Watching live music
♥ 61. My vintage Ray Bans
♥ 62. Having a spice rack
♥ 63. Watching favourite movies over and over again
♥ 64. Colouring in
♥ 65. Laying on the grass
♥ 66. Getting creative and crafty
♥ 67. Finding the perfect gifts for people
♥ 68. Being able to skype
♥ 69. Hot summer evenings
♥ 70. Slippers in winter
♥ 71. Watching people grow, and being part of that change
♥ 72. Compiling photo albums
♥ 73. Love
♥ 74. Setting Goals
♥ 75. Achieving Goals
♥ 76. Lady Dates with my mama.
♥ 77. Fringe trims
♥ 78. Pinterest collections
♥ 79. New duvet covers
♥ 80. Embracing change even when it is scary
♥ 81. Two weeks left of work
♥ 82. Clean bedrooms
♥ 83. Photos on the wall
♥ 84. New issues of Frankie
♥ 85. Getting into cold sheets on a warm night
♥ 86. Painted nails
♥ 87. Learning to accept I can not control everything
♥ 88. Nights in on the couch
♥ 89. Discount Stores
♥ 90. Awesome clients
♥ 91. Breakfast for dinner
♥ 92. Sons of Anarchy
♥ 93. New music discoveries
♥ 94. Post-it note reminders
♥ 95. Fairy light laterns
♥ 96. Matching socks
♥ 97. Laughing so much it hurts
♥ 98. Peanut Butter
♥ 99. Full bookshelves
♥ 100.Fresh starts

How about you? What's on your happy list?

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