24 hours in Melbourne

So, It is official. The mister and I, live in Melbourne. Wow. It still is sinking in to be honest, I mean, of course it is. But can I just say, honestly, this place is fucking incredible [sorry mum.] Seriously, it is so wonderful. And makes me smile, and feel wide eyed and like the options are endless. Its a pretty amazing feeling, and I am so lucky that I get to do this. Especially considering I get to do it with the fella that I love, and only a year into our journey together. I hit the jackpot ladies and gents. [ok ... ok no more mush...]

We have some of the basics sorted already. Cellphones, banks, tram cards [such a local! Ha!] and we are so fortunate to be staying with a darling friend who is giving us so many fantastic pointers and all the hot tips. We even went and looked at our first flat yesterday, and have a few more lined up for the rest of the week. Just gotta start thinking about finding a job! But we have a few leads so things are honestly really great at the moment.

Our first 24 hours were a bit of a whirlwind. It was like our eyes couldn't take things in fast enough. We were greeted off the plane witha lovely 38degree [100 fahrenheit] heat. After consuming a quick beer, we ventured out on our first little adventure. Off to Fitzroy, it only seemed fitting.

We ate at the most incredible place. Little Creatures Dining Hall. Holy. Crap. Cute. Our friend told us that there are lots of places like this, but its hard to say that this isn't going to turn into a favourite. Although I have to remember there is so much to try, because seriously I could just keep going back here. I mean seriously, look at it. This is what I have been dreaming about. The food was fab too. I had a chorizo, sweetcorn and feta pizza. Um. Yum. [Sorry Paleo, I will return to you soon I promise] accompanied by the Little Creatures breweries Pipsqueak Cider. Nom Nom Nom.

Then of course, it was only right that we found a little rooftop bar. I mean, thats what you do on a Monday night right? We headed down Brunswick Street to Naked For Satan. The name alone did it for me! We went up the lift, to the rooftop, views all over Melbourne, night lights, lanterns, everyone happy, and jandals! Yes, in the bar. Trust me, it is too hot for shoes. After a drink we headed home, snuggled into bed and fell asleep.

only to be rudely awoken at 4.30am due to our body clocks! Come on now. Oh well, we managed to get lots of emails off to estate agents and sort a few things out. We headed out on a walk about 8am, and stumbled across this beautiful cafe, Wide Open Road. Dream Cafe folks. The food was perfect, the atmosphere was amazing and the staff were so sweet and friendly. Honestly growing to love this city more and more by the minute. Even today when the rain is coming to say hello. It brings a little reprieve from the heat, and reminds me more and more of home.


  1. Not gonna lie, skipped past the rest of the post after seeing Little Creatures and wanted to comment to say that yes, that place is amazing and the awesome brew originates in my favourite part of Perth EVAR; Fremantle. THAT PIZZA. Damn girl, I have it every time.

    Loving the new blog design!

    1. Oh Eb! Little Creatures is incredible. And the drop was delicious too! <3


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