Moving in

That's right folks. Yesterday we got the keys to our new place. I may or may not have squealed just a little bit when I walked through the front door. There is something so exciting about having our own space, just the two of us. I really can't wait to officially move in... Which we will be doing on Wednesday, when the sofa and bed get delivered!!

Yesterday all our furniture from IKEA arrived. Can I just stop for a moment and discuss how much I love IKEA? I mean seriously, as my friend put it, that place is decor disneyland. It was so much fun walking around the show rooms. I also might have pretended like I was in that 500 days of summer scene, you know the one, where they are all cute and play house in an IKEA store... Don't judge me, I am sane I swear.

Anyway, we spent the afternoon putting together all our furniture. I managed to successfully build a few side tables, a bookcase, an armchair and a little trolley, which is my favourite thing in the house right now... I can't wait to be able to give you a little tour of the house, but it is definitely not quite finished in the furnishing department yet. But thats ok, because its growing, and its exciting.


  1. This is so exciting! I absolutely love that little trolley.

    Cant wait to visit!!

  2. Yay that is so exciting! Having your own space will make the move feel so much more real. I have had my eye on that ikea trolley - very jealous.


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