What a year, 2013 in review.

I am really having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that tomorrow, is new years eve. This year has flown by in a blur. I know people say that a lot, but I promise I am being sincere when I say 'where the eff has this year gone'. I mean seriously. It's like everything has been on warp speed and I have barely had time to catch my breath. Not that fast paced is a bad thing. And when you look back on it, 2013 has been a pretty great year. And so I was thinking how I could celebrate that when a friend introduced me to this rad website that collects all your instagram photos and lets you put them in a grid. Genius.

To wrap up an awesome year, I thought I would post 13 personal highlights from the year that was...

1.     Starting Hello Tillie and have been so excited to watch it grow over the last 6 months, as I
        continue on this journey, even if it went a little off track towards the end of the year. 
2.     Celebrating my one year anniversary with my mister. He is the bee's knees. 
3.     Starting [and finishing] an exciting project job with the Department of Corrections. It was hard,
        but it was fantastic. 
4.     Spending time with my friends and family and making new and beautiful real connections
        with some incredible people who I am truly blessed to call my friends. 
5.     Being able to explore my home country a little bit more
6.     Evolving my business into what it is today. Pushing the boundaries and expecting more. I am
        so stoked with how things are going and can not wait to see what 2014 brings. 
7.     Exploring my kitchen and cooking a lot more. This has been a heap of fun this year, and I can
        only imagine will grow in the years to come. 
8.     Learning about health, particularly my own, and preparing myself for a huge 2014 health wise. 
9.     Watching my friends succeed so brilliantly at parenting. It gives me great joy to be part of these
        little lives and excitement to one day have my own family.
10.   Spending time with my mum. Yip. She is the best and 2013 has taught me a lot more respect
        for this women... even though I thought I couldn't love her anymore.
11.   Meeting and working out with the ladies of Fitter Faster Stronger. These women are straight up
        inspirations and have encouraged me when I needed it most. These ladies, legitimately, rule.
12.   Moving to a different country and having our own little house within the first week. That was
        pretty monumental, if I do say so myself.

So that is it. 2013. I am pretty sure 2014 is going to be phenomenal. I can feel it in my bones people. 2014 is my year. It is your year. So lets go get it shall we?


  1. hey tillie, i tried to comment just now, but not sure if it worked haha. i am donna and i found you via helen sarah. your journey is similar to mine and i just started a keto blog myself for 2014 to be my year! xxxx i live in melbourne and i will be following your journey too. just wanted to say hi! :) my blog is here if you are interested in being blog buddies.. http://ketogoat.blogspot.com.au/

  2. I'm so stoked you dropped by! Not only as a fellow lady after health but as a melbourne local! I am so excited for us for 2014

  3. yay i cant wait to hang out and get fit and healthy together!


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