Great Ocean Road

Exploring a new city is so much fun, and meeting new people is something that I love to do, but can be a bit tricky when you really don't know anyone ... So when I heard about a 'meet up' group that was a bunch of people new to Melbourne who got together and did rad stuff, it wasn't long before I signed myself up.  Yesterday the Mister and I spent the day with 90 other newbies, we meet up in the city at 7am [ugh, not the most fun a girl can have on a saturday morning] and jumped on a tour bus and headed down to Great Ocean Road. I am telling you people, this place is spectacular. The coast line in stunning! We spent the day exploring through little beaches, national parks and even spotted a bunch of koalas in the wild! It was a fantastic way to meet some new friends, and see a new part of this state that we probably otherwise would have missed. I took hundreds of photos, it was nice to get the camera out and take some fun ones, so rather than go on, I think I will just let them tell you the rest of the story.

Changes, Goals & All kinds of plans

It is the start of a new year, people are talking about resolutions and goals and feeling excited about the possibility of a fresh start. I'm one of those people. I am not ashamed to say it, but I am also not tagging any of this a New Year's resolution because of my 24 years of living, I don't think I have had a successful one of them yet. So this is a fresh start. The dial has been turned back to zero, the slate is clean, all those other cliches that we so often throw about. The difference here, is I am serious, and there is no going back. 

The thing I think that has been important in the last year, of really being able to prepare myself, is that I have learnt. I have read, I have researched, I have realised that there isn't going to be a quick fix. Of course there isnt. It took me 24 years to get here right? But I still think somewhere in my mind I thought if I just 'ate right' it would all disappear. I'd be good to go. Not so much.

And so here I am. At the beginning. One of the first things I did was set an end goal. The difference is, this time I knew it had to be different. It couldn't be some unattainable thing. It had to be realistic. So I set it. The final goal for the 30th of December 2014. To lose 28 kilos. I also set myself two smaller goals, that I want to hit by the end of June. The first, to run in a 5km. The second, to own a pair of Dejour jeans. This not only gives me another tangible milestone, but it makes the end goal not seem so far away or terrifying. I think having milestones that aren't weight related make it exciting too. The fact that I know I am going to get myself a new pair of jeans, excites me. I haven't worn a pair of jeans in over 4 years.
I'm also giving myself a couple of other little milestones. Treats if you will. Non fitness related rewards. Because every time I put on my shoes and walk out the door, it is me, taking control back. And being proud of myself for doing it. So, once I lose 7kgs [a quarter of the way] I am going to book myself a spa treatment; a massage or a facial. Something special just for me. The next one will be 14kgs down. A new dress, something pretty, and perhaps a little date out with the mister. 21kgs is the next big milestone. I am going to get my hair coloured at the salon. And then, when I hit that 28kg mark, I am going to reward myself with a new little tattoo. Something fitting of the hard work that I have put in, because I will be proud.

I'm not going to lie. It is the start of day 10, and it has been hard. I have had hunger pangs, sore muscles, and headaches, but it is starting to clear. I won't say it is getting easier but perhaps it is just getting more familiar again. The exercise still sucks. Twentieth time around it doesn't get any easier. I am not made to run, yet. But I don't care. Because I have started. I am making small steps, and I am making progress. Every day is a new day, and every workout is a good one, even if it sucks while I am doing it. 

Bacon and Broccoli Salad

Seriously, get this in my stomach now. I have seen recipes for broccoli salads floating around for a while now, and I have been meaning to make one for ages. You see, broccoli is one of my favourite veges. Yes I know I am a bit weird, but thats why ya love me [or at least that is what I tell myself]. I needed a side dish for christmas, and this sprung to mind. I found a base recipe from the one and only Jamie Oliver and then I ommited a few things, and made my own dressing. One of my favourites that my mama uses on one of her delicious pasta salads.  It was spectacularly delicious. Even the mister enjoyed it, so I figured I must be onto something.

What you will need for the Salad: 
100gm of Bacon [give or take]
2 heads of Broccoli
Handful of Cherry Tomatoes [at your discretion, I used about 10]

What you will need for the Dressing:
White Vinegar
Dijon Mustard
Olive Oil

How you make it: 
1.   Put a pot of water on the element, turn it on. While you are waiting, chop up your broccoli.
      You want to make sure the florets are small enough. Take your time, the water still has to boil
2.   When the water is boiling put your broccoli in there for literally no more than 60 seconds, You
      want that lovely vege to stay crisp and delicious. Timed it? Get it out! Strain the water and let the
      broc dry out on a tea towel.
3.   Chop up your bacon and fry that sucker! I bet your kitchen is starting to smell delicious.
4.   Chop up your Cherry Tomatoes, I quartered mine, but there are no rules here people! Smash up
      some almonds while you are at it. Or if you are more refined feel free to use almond slivers here.
5.   Put the broccoli, bacon and tomatoes into a serving bowl.
6.   In a separate bowl put 4 parts olive oil, 2 parts white vinegar, 2 parts Dijon Mustard and 1.5parts
      crushed garlic. Mix, mix and mix it good.
7.   Pour your dressing over your salad and top with the almond.
8.   Eat it. Its delicious. I promise.

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