Great Ocean Road

Exploring a new city is so much fun, and meeting new people is something that I love to do, but can be a bit tricky when you really don't know anyone ... So when I heard about a 'meet up' group that was a bunch of people new to Melbourne who got together and did rad stuff, it wasn't long before I signed myself up.  Yesterday the Mister and I spent the day with 90 other newbies, we meet up in the city at 7am [ugh, not the most fun a girl can have on a saturday morning] and jumped on a tour bus and headed down to Great Ocean Road. I am telling you people, this place is spectacular. The coast line in stunning! We spent the day exploring through little beaches, national parks and even spotted a bunch of koalas in the wild! It was a fantastic way to meet some new friends, and see a new part of this state that we probably otherwise would have missed. I took hundreds of photos, it was nice to get the camera out and take some fun ones, so rather than go on, I think I will just let them tell you the rest of the story.

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  1. What a grand idea! This makes me feel more optimistic about making a sea change if I ever feel the urge. Love your outfit btw ya cutie :) Gorgeous photos!


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