Photos on the Wall.

Since Greg and I moved into our new place, I haven't done too much to it. I had all these grand plans, but then I realised that everything that I really wanted to do, involved spending a fair bit of money. So I decided to put the decorating on hold for a little while until we had a little more disposable income. But, that feeling kicked in, the one where I wanted my house to feel like a home, to reflect us better, rather than just some furniture and a few pictures on the wall.

I was thinking about my old house. One of the things I always had around me was photographs. Whether it was friends, family, or just pretty things sent to me from across the seas. I always had photos. That was missing. Queue, The first installment of Did It Myself {my guess, is that there might just be a couple more posts to add to this series in the coming months}. I wanted something cheap, and easy, that would add a bit of us to our living room. I am pretty stoked with the final outcome. It took a little over an hour and a half, and only cost $17.30 

Wanna do it yourself? Get involved. 

Things you need:
1.  A piece of wood, or heavy card might even do. Any size you like!
     I used: a backing board off of a bookcases we already had. It was 70cm x 187cm {Cost: Free}
2.  Enough images to make a collage. 
     I used: 102 photos cut into 4 inch square. {Cost: $15.30}
3.  Double sided tape to adhere the photos to the board {Cost: $2}
4.  Cutter to trim the photographs. Scissors to trim the tape. 

Steps to make it:
1.  Measure the size of your backing board, work out how many photos you are going to need to
     cover it, and then get those pretties printed out!
2.  Trim your photographs to size. 
3.  Lay your backing board flat on the ground, and start to lay out your photographs. Mix them up,
     and have some fun with it! 
4.  Once your have your layout nailed, stick them down using some double sided tape, or glue, or 
     something else sticky. 
5. Ta-Da. All down beauties! Hang that beautiful mural on the wall! I tell you, people are going to be 
    impressed with your handy work! Oh. Yes they are! 


  1. That is just a clever - and simple - idea! I imagine it would also save from pinning and sticking things to the walls, in the long run. Hmmmm, You got me! I think I'm gonna try this one out!

    1. We have concrete walls! So holes aren't an option for us, plus we are renters! So it definitely was a neat way to do it. And it just looks cool them all being together. You could probably even use a large canvas as the back surface. OOH! Now thats an idea. If you whip one up you will have to show me!


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