The night was illuminated

I don't think I have ever seen so many people in one place. Holy Cow. This was like nothing else I have ever experienced. White Night is basically one big amazing exhibition, split up into exhibitions, installations, incredible interactive events. It all started in Paris, as Nuit Blanche, and has spread worldwide to over 20 countries. This citywide party started at 7pm, and went all the way through to 7am the following morning, and let me tell you, it was crazy! It was seriously a celebration of everything that makes this city fantastic... Food, art, culture, fashion, design and performance. There was so much to see! Seriously, this city is so full of inspiration and creativity, You can feel it as you walk through the streets, and an event like this just tops it off. I feel so lucky to live in this space, and be able to grow and learn and thrive. Seriously.

We decided not to make too much of a plan, and just kinda take in what we could. We met up with a group of pals, and just kinda of wandered where the crowds took us. Next year, I am definitely going in with a plan, there was so much that I wanted to see that we just didn't make it too, but thats ok, because it was still an incredible night, and the things that we did get too were ridiculous radical {i've been saying that a lot lately. And I am ok with that, because it is a damn good adjective.} One of my favourite things was the Tattooed City installation. A collection of incredible photographs of tattooed Melburnians, captured by photographer Nicole Reed, and bought to life as giant projections onto the side of the National Gallery of Victoria by The Electric Canvas. So. Incredibly. Awesome.

It was safe to say that the mister and I were exhausted by the time that we got home, we didn't stay out all night but my feet feel like I walked half a marathon or something. But now, Photos.

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  1. This looks like so much fun! My friend Kristie messaged me on facebook to tell me I would have loved what was going down. I'd be jealous if I didn't have a grand evening last night too :) The arts makes me come alive, I'm sure you're much the same. Let's go kick ass! Gorgeous photos.


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