Ready. Set. Restart.

I decided March was the month that I would shake things up a little bit. And shake things up I did. If we did a quick little review of the year so far it would look something like this. January = Awesome. February = Average. You don’t have to be a genius to work out that following that trend March was not going to be fantastic. So rather than allow myself to slip into old habits, I decided to do something about it. Introducing Rapid Fitness.

Photograph by Haley Guildford

I had seen this name floating around social media a few times, and was intrigued. Then Michelle {the lovely author of Primal Journey} started one of their programmes. I was still a little sceptical, their facebook page was full of testimonials that just sounded too good to be true, but my curious nature got the better of me. I went onto their website and started to unpack their programmes a little more. After a little bit more research, and chatting to Helen about it {who also was planning to give it a whirl} I decided what the heck. The investment for their kickstart programme was $29.99. Let’s be honest, that is 3 beers or a couple of pizzas or perhaps a decent steak at a good restaurant. If it didn’t work out, it wasn’t a big loss.

As of today, I am 10 days into the programme. But I want to talk about the first week and acknowledge what happened. And I want to talk about it as honestly as I can. The first day sucked. There you go. I said it. It was a full day alkalizing fast. Holy moly, I thought my stomach was going to burst out of my body, run into the pantry and find something to eat. I was tired, and lethargic, and hungry. Very. Hungry. And my darling man was incredible and supportive and man I am lucky to have him. Breakfast the next morning was ridiculously good. Day 2 and 3 went by and I was still adjusting. I hadn’t been eating badly prior to this, so I wasn’t hit with too many cravings, it was more adjusting to the strict 3 meals a day,  5+ hours apart {I’m use to eating when I am hungry, and eating until I am full} Then came day 4. And it was awful. The dreaded “Keto Flu” arrived and stayed for day 5. I felt absolutely rotten. I persisted. Day 6 rolled around, I nailed it. And then I got home, and I just stopped. I don't know why. I wasn't even really hungry, but I was being lazy and I had a chocolate bar. And then the old self-bargaining behaviour came into play and had a bad lunch and dinner on day six too. What was I thinking, I felt awful after it, not only was I feeling guilty but my body felt awful.

So there I am. Day 8. And after a necessary pep talk from an incredible kind and encouraging lady I picked my self up, I undertook another alkalizing fast and I got back on track. Yesterday I stuck to the template completely. I planned the rest of the week, and I am ready to go. I am excited to push on for the next 13 days. And then,  I will have a little break from the strictness of the programme, when my mama comes to visit, and hopefully then jump into the next phase of their programme R28. It certainly wont be the last time you hear me talk about Rapid Fitness, and I am excited to see how things go because when I am focused and on track, I am feeling good. And that is what it is all about right?

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  1. Girl, you are a constant source of inspiration. I dunno when I got the habit of eating when bored or to cover emotions or to reward myself, but together, we can do this. You rock.


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