Seven Days

It has been 7 days since I have had soda, candy, chocolate, tomatoes, anything with a carbohydrate amount higher than 6gm per 100gm, sugar, sweet tea, fruit, hot chocolate, muesli bars, dried fruit, chips, or takeaways. Now I realise  that me listing these things off makes it sound like I am complaining. On the contrary, I am actually listing these things off because I am proud. Proud as hell that over the last 7 days I have stayed 100% on track with my goal for May. In the last 7 days I have had 21 meals, 6 avocados, 26.5 litres of water, 61 hours of sleep, 3.5 cups of black coffee and absolutely no junkfood or processed food to speak of. Oh yeah, I should probably mention I am also 6.5kgs lighter than I was 7 days ago. Yes. You read that right. That was not a typo.

For those of you that have been living under a rock, or are new to my blog [Hey you. you look gorgeous today] I have been taking part in the May Challenge, set up by the lovely Helen. My goal was to follow rapid fitness 100% and I am happy to report, I am on track. My week has been a little all over the place, but lets take a look shall we.

Thursday: Fast Day. Uh. This was tough, but not as tough as past attempts. I was prepared, and I was determined. 2.30pm rolled around and I was starving. But my determined voice was louder and pushed through the headaches and the temptations. Fast completed. Woohoo.

Friday: I didn't have much of an appetite. Breakfast was pretty tasty, and lunch was almost too much, still not really use to the feta and avocado buzz. The biggest struggle is not having water with food. That doesn't feel right. Resisted the temptation of a colleague presenting a block of chocolate.That doesn't feel right either. By the time dinner rolled around I was ravenous and not very satisfied when the food was gone. I went to bed grumpy.

Saturday: Woke up hungry. Ate Breakfast. Went good shopping. Got home. Ate lunch. Went for a walk. Got home. Prepared Dinner. Went to bed. BLAH! Been headachey and a bit grumpy all day. Lukcy my boyfriend loves me.

Sunday: Made pancakes. I can eat pancakes! Ok, not quite the same as the pancakes I was use to but covered in berries they were pretty delicious. I was hungry all afternoon but enjoyed my lunch, and had a nana nap. The cravings are subsiding. Dinner was being cooked in the slow cooker and the house smelt fantastic. I didn't even think about eating something sweet tonight.

Monday: Oh dear god. Headaches. Body aches. Hot and cold sweats. Sore tummy. Everything is bad. I spent the day in bed. Literally. Drank about 4 litres of water. Had leftovers from the night before for lunch and felt cranky all damn day. I went for a walk at about 4pm and the fresh air did me some good. Dinner was truly satisfying and I had an early night.

Tuesday: Couldn't stomach breakfast this morning. I had 3 bites and then I just gave up. Need to learn to deal with this better. Almost gave in to a cookie this morning at morning tea but thought better of it. No point in throwing away all this hard work for one lousy cookie. This leftovers thing is working for me. Dinner was tasty and easy and after the day that I had, I needed that.

Wednesday: I have made it to day 7. Smoothie for berkkie, followed by leftovers for lunch [notice the pattern] and then it was a bit of a hash up for dinner but I made something I ate it and that was that. The headaches didn't hang around today and the hunger pangs that I had been feeling during the week seem to have gone. For today at least.

I'm not sure if it is possible in 7 days, but I am already feeling like my relationship with food is starting to change. People at the gym use to say to me all the time 'you are what you eat' and 'you wouldn't put any old fuel in your car so why do you fuel your body with junk?' I understood what they were saying but none of that ever really resonated deep enough with me to have a substantial impact. But over the last 7 dayys there has been an inherent change in my attitude towards the fuel that I am putting in my body. I am eating food that is interesting and tastes fantastic. And I am feeling a simple change in my body [I have taken a 7 day photo and will take one each Thursday in May, and maybe if I am feeling brave I might share them down the track] Sure there has been temptation and my fair share of headaches, but there has not been a big enough roadblock to turn me away from my goal this time. Maybe it's that I have gone into this with the right mindset and that a whole bunch of other things have finally aligned. Or maybe, its because this time I actually wanted it, rather than wishing for it, or talking about wanting it.

So here is to another 7 days. And another 7 after that. And another 7 after that.


  1. So so proud of you Tillie! I can't even imagine how hard it would be to completely turn around your eating and your view on food but you are doing so good! I think the hardest part is over.. You're so going to own this :)

  2. This is awesome girl. Seriously, you go. I got your back every step of the way. Just a facey comment away. Love you oodles. So inspiring!

  3. Hi, awesome results! Just a quick question are you taking the supplements with the 7 day reset? I want to try without but if results are working like this with them I think they'll be worth the extra money spent :)

    1. Hi Rhian, I am taking Chromium and Magnesium. I also take a multi vitamin which I have always taken. I find that the chromium really helps with the sugar cravings and the magnesium definitely helps with the headaches! If you can afford them, jump in girl! I know a lot of people ordered them off I personally just went to my pharmacy because I wanted to start on May 1!

  4. You might be interested in looking at Nutrifit. Nick Kimmel teaches a really great and easy way of approaching a healthier lifestyle, without hunger pains + headaches, but including weight loss. I couldn't believe that it could be achieved in a few easy steps. He's honestly great. Check out the page, because it could help with your new diet and make it a little more accomodating :)

  5. Hi Tillie,
    Instagram follower here! I stick to a pretty religious keto diet and have done so since Sept last year, just wondering what your carb count for the day is on RapidFitness? Can you also explain the no water with food thing too - all my research into keto indicates that you should be drinking loads of water, I've never heard of not drinking while eating before!
    V inspiring seeing what you're up to - I love seeing more people taking to keto!
    Fi xo

    1. Hey Fi, Thanks for stopping by. I don't actually count my macros at the moment because I am just following the Rapid Fitness plan as it is laid out, and trying not to concentrate on too much else at the moment. I would say at a guess though it would be around 70/25/5 ish...

      As for the no water with food thing... It is actually no water 30 minutes before or 30 minutes after eating. There is a big science behind it but the best way it has been explained to me is if you think of your metabolism as a fire, you wouldn't a water to a fire right when you wanted it to burn its highest. So the same for metabolism, by drinking water you are changing the PH of your stomach acid and changing the digestion process.

      Hope that helps lady xx

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