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I had another really successful week last week. I am down a total of 8kgs (17.6 pounds) in 14 days. That means this week I lost another 1.5kgs. Now thats a lot less than the first week, but still a whole lot of weight to drop in 1 week. Honestly, I am proud of myself. There is this hugely satisfying feeling, not only in loosing the weight, but in sticking to the plan. I am feeling strong and powerful and it is pretty neat.

I had a pretty huge response to my post about my first seven days. The words "inspiration" and "incredible" were thrown around and I recieved my first round of emails from people who were looking for help. Some from friends and family members and others from complete strangers. I have to be honest, it felt weird giving any sort of advice because I am so new to this journey, and I am struggling as much as the next guy, but I gave them what I could, and it felt great to be able to share some of my success. ON the flip side, I got some pretty negative comments. I certainly wasn't prepared for that. In the past some of those nasty words would of hurt me, but they kinda just greased past me this time around. I wasn't going to let any thing distract me from my focus. I don't want to respond to much to those negative comments but I feel like there is one that I should address. A few people told me that eating that much fat, and losing that much weight wasn't healthy. Now I will admit it is taking me a while to get to it all, but I 100% believe in the folks at Rapid Fitness. I 100% believe that they know what they are talking about and that with their skills and knowledge have worked endlessly to create a template that not only guarantees results but makes you feel great. I 100% believe that they have my best interests at heart and would not provide me with something that was a) unhealthy or b) unsafe to myself or the thousands of other people that they are helping through their programmes.

One of the big questions I have been asked this week is "What the hell are you eating?" So. I thought I would bring back that What I ate feature, and show you exactly what has been going in this gob this week.

You can find the recipe for the Chicken Mahkini here, the zaghetti meal here [I changed up from meatballs to just a regular mince] and the Creamy Cashew Curry here. Everything else is just straight outta my head but I would be happy to share anything with you if you fancy it enough!

P.S I should probably also mention that I have done NO exercise for the past 2 weeks. That is all about to change on Monday. And for once, I am excited about getting stuck back into it. Hey, Things can change right?

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