30 days in May

So May is over. The last few months these round ups haven't been so positive. Learning curves and little wins but nothing that has left me feeling like I am moving towards my goals. May changed that. May has been a huge month for me. Thirty days doesn't sound like long time in the scheme of things. But this May has been a pivotal month for me. May was my month. Finally.

If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram you've probably heard about my success that month. I have lost 10kgs [22pounds for you lovely Americans folks]. I have been part of an incredible little community that Hells out together as part of the May challenge. I stuck to my guns, I gave the sugar cravings the middle finger, and I pushed. I followed my eating plans, I introduced some exercise, and I pushed. I did that. Not anyone else. Myself. That's one of the biggest things that I learnt this month. I did this. Sure people gave me support, programmes gave me rules to follow, but at the end of the day I was the one who stuck to it, I was the one who made the decisions, and I was the one who earns my results.

One of the biggest things that I have learnt is that this is such a journey. Sound a given right? Everything is a journey, I knew there would be ups and downs and it not like I am new to this, I've been trying [maybe more wanting and waiting rather than giving it a real go] for a while. People who share their stories in a public arena often share all the good moments, the wins, because goods news is encouraging and inspiring and good news makes people happy. This isn't just for weightloss or health journeys, flick through your Instagram, I guarantee that 95% of the photos were manicured to look like things are awesome, even I am guilty of it. But sometimes all that good news can be overwhelming, and there can be that little voice in your head that constantly compares your successes and failures with everyone else's seemingly constant success.

But there is another side of this journey that sometimes doesn't get talked about. I have had big wins and I love to celebrate them, but I have also had really average days, and days even less than that. I've had food tantrums and cravings and days where staying in bed seems a hundred times better than getting up and making good food choices. I think those days also should get some air time. Those are the days that push us to continually make the right decisions, those are the days that make the wins feel so damn good. Those are the days that really make this journey what it is, and make the wins what they are. So for me part of this months real wins, is realising that, and taking that on, and the next time I have a food meltdown because I have a stupid metabolism, remembering that.

So what is next... What is June going to hold? Well there is no official June challenge. But I am going to carry on and have my own little one anyway. After a fast yesterday, I am back into my eating plans, I have a weekly meal plan on the fridge, I have a monthly goal for the gym, and a little weight goal as well. I am excited about another 30 days of victories, and maybe, just maybe those rough days will start to be smaller but you know, if they aren't, that's ok too. Because June, just like May, you are mine.

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  1. I love this! You are amazing babe. And such an inspiration.


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