Friday Five on Tuesday...with Hells

Hey Sweet Darlings, while Tillie is away I thought I'd bust in on her beautiful blog and write about the first steps for starting our weight loss journeys. I hope this helps!

Five. Not being clear about your goals or most importantly WHY you want to lose weight will send you floating off into the land of uncertainty, where you don't really have any framework for decision making. If you have a goal you can ask yourself "Will this snickers bar get me closer to, or further away from my goal of losing 5kgs and completing Iron Maori?"

Four. Find a former fatty best friend forever. Former fatties who have run the weight loss gauntlet and come out the other side are great sounding boards, because they know the struggle, but they have also been successful in completing their journey.

I'm part of enough online weight loss communities to know that people who are currently in the process of losing weight or haven't started yet but think they know everything give the worst. advice. ever. They are always the first people to pip and say 'Go on girl, you deserve it" or "One day won't hurt." Fact is, it will hurt. Especially if you're on a strict ketogenic plan. Find a straight shooting task master who will give you a big cup of suck it up.

Three. Think about all the times you have tried and failed to lose weight, or if you haven't then think about the times that have lead to particularly depraved episodes or binge eating or bad choices. I can pin point a major trigger for me, going to the movies. I always used to blow it when I went to the movies. "One ice cream won't hurt!" I'd say to myself, before ending up at home later that night ravenously eating Milky Bars and pastries.

Know what you can and can't handle. My solution was taking ketogenic snacks to the movies and buying a drink there (water or diet soda if you partake) and that was IT! Know your weaknesses, have a realistic strategy to deal with them.

Two. Not being able to go out is a MEGA BUMMER. Don't do that to yourself. Find places that have safe wieght loss options for the plan you are following. People who follow rapid, keto or paleo style eating will have a lot of options, you can order things like chicken wings (ask them to put the dressing on the side incase its not safe) Vienna coffee (Coffee with whipped cream) or even salted nuts. Tell your friends what you are doing and let them know if you can't go somewhere. You're not going to find anything safe in a French Bakery, I know that from experience.

One. Be super honest with yourself in all aspects of your journey. Sucking in on the before photo is only going to make it less impressive. Tell you FFBFF if you've slipped up. Don't lie to yourself that "it's just one..." or "it won't hurt." You're only robbing yourself of the chance to be successful in this journey. Own your mistakes, be honest and accountable with yourself and truly try your absolute very best to achieve your goals. Thats all we can do.And you can do this. I just know it.

Love Hells. x

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