The Brunch Diaries Six

One of my favourite things about living in Melbourne is exploring all the new cafes. Seriously, I thought Wellington was full of good food, but this place, this place is something else I tell you. We had wandered past Two Little Pigs a few times in our travels along Sydney Road, but had never made it in. That changed last weekend when we dropped by for Brunch. 

It was super packed but the team found us a seat after a 5 minute wait and quickly ordered our drinks. Coffee for him, Green tea for her. I decided to treat myself to their famous doughcakes, although the thing I love about this place is that when I am in the midst of keto eating goodness, I am going to be able to go back here and enjoy their Charcuterie menu to its fullest. Gregs coffee was hot and delicious, and it didn't take too long for our food to come out. Actually it was pretty impressive considering there was a full house and a line of about 3 or 4 tables waiting for seats. The doughcakes were decadent and delicious. I'm talking beautiful doughy pancakes filled with hot jam and served with bacon icecream [yes, you read that right!] and a chocolate crumb. Seriously, dee-vine. Greg had the chorizo and bacon meal with cabbage and toast and loved it too. I ordered an orange juice during my meal that still hasn't turned up, but hey, they were busy and let's be honest, I didn't really need it. 

One of the nicest surprises was the cost. It was affordable, tasty and the atmosphere was excellent. We will be going back for sure, and I would say if you are in the neighbourhood, you should probably get your butt down there. 

Service: 4 out of 5
Atmosphere: 4 out of 5
Coffee: 4 out of 5
Food: 4 out of 5
Overall: 4 out of 5


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