The Brunch Diaries Seven

Over the weekend after we went for a little adventure through the Dandenong Ranges we enjoyed a late brunch at Piggery Cafe at the historic Burnham Beeches. A friend had mentioned it, and when he said that it was owned by Shannon Bennett of Vue de Monde fame I knew that's where we would be stopping for a bite.

The estate itself is nestled off the main road of Sherbrooke, down through the lush towering eucalyptus trees. Bennett has plans to turn the rest of the estate into a sustainable resort, but for now it home to a beautiful cafe and bakery. Ad you walk in you can't help but check out the immaculate cabinets full of take away rolls and salads, and the most decadent looking sweet treats, lemon tarts, chocolate ganache, emu egg sponge, chocolate slice. Holy crap why I am avoiding sugar? We take a seat in the back and quickly are bought menus. The staff are friendly and move quickly, coffee orders are taken quickly followed by food. It's only a short wait until the most delicious looking plates of food are bought to the table. A wagyu beef burger on a golden brioche bun for the mister, and a pork belly deconstructed sand which sans bread with crispy delightful crackling wafer for me. Topped off with perfect homemade mayo and a handful off handout fries to share. Holy yum. Greg thought it looked like a small portion but he was completely satisfied, in fact he said it was one of the top 5 burgers he has had in his life, and that boy has had a few burgers.

The coffee was delicious, perfectly strong and hot. Actually perfect. It was pretty reasonably priced. Around $60 for 3 people to eat and drink for brunch. It was yum, and tranquil and if we are back out that way anytime soon we will more than likely return to sample something else off the menu. Get out there. Seriously. Yum.

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