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Ok. So it has been a week since I started reset over. Much like the last time the first few days weren't the best. But they weren't so bad. It was a mind game, and I wasn't going to let that mind of mine take over this time. After talking it over with Jay I made the decision to start at phase two of reset. For all you non rapid folks out there, phase one is a 3 day juice detox, phase two is base ketogenic eating. [Ok I might go into that more later...] There were a few reasons, but really it was because last time the juicing almost broke me and I didn't want to start in a negative space again. 

I have had a few people already ask me about what I ate this week. I have been filling out this super handy little Rapid tracker, so I thought I might post that here for you to have a look at if anyone is interested. Almost all of the recipes of the things that I have made this week have been directly out of the Rapid 2.0 platform. Seriously, they are delicious. As you can see I tried the Mug Cake for the first time on Thursday. And I have eaten it every day for breakfast since. Cake and cream in the morning? Seriously! Yum

So. Week one ended. And I am please to announce that I really am back on track. I weighed myself this morning and I have lost 5kgs. That is right folks. No serious exercise this week, but I am going to start to introduce it this week hopefully! I am feeling good, I am starting to see change already, and its been 7 days. I am eating delicious, nutrient dense food, I am focusing on my mind and my internal dialogue, I am focused and I am excited. Bring on week two I say!


  1. 5kgs! WOW. Nice work Tillie. I have been enjoying watching your journey.

  2. Hey Tilly...I just found your blog through the RF facebook group, and I have spent the past hour reading about your journey. I just wanted to say that I am really inspired by your honesty! I know what it is like let your weight get so out of control that you're embarrassed to say what that number was at your heaviest :/ And I've been on and off various diets too, including RF, as I've been through a really stressful last few years. But reading your blog I'm starting to realise that there is no magic trick, you really do just have to keep getting back on the horse over and over and over again...and you will get better at it over time! So anyway, a bit of a ramble but just wanted to say thanks for sharing your journey, it's so great to read and see photo's of another girl who is still working at it, struggling sometimes but staying so positive. You get it girl, I wish you health and happiness ; ) xo

  3. I am not sure you will get this message, But thank you for commenting! If you ever want to say hello on FB Please do! Sounds like you and me are in the same boat girl and I would love to be there to chat with you if you ever need a bit of motivation. x


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