Six things I learnt at The Blogcademy

Last week I attended the glittery whirlwind also known as The Blogcademy. I walked into the beautiful renovated, Prahan warehouse venue on Wednesday morning full of a strange mix of nerves and excitement. I traded my usual black uniform in for a neon orange skirt and I was ready to dive head first into the guts of the business with three savvy, business minded, inspiring ladies.

Honestly I wasn’t exactly sure what I was expecting. I knew that I had been given a huge opportunity to attend this workshop because I made a cute stop motion video, I knew that I had been reading these women’s blogs on and off collectively for about 8 years and I knew that my expectations were super high because of everything fabulous that had been sent my way. Over the course of the two day workshop, I made quite a few notes and doodled a lot in my journal so I thought I would share six of the key things that I learnt at The Blogcademy.

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