I'm still alive... I think.

It’s been a while. I haven’t purposefully been avoiding you, I just guess I haven’t been in the right space to be writing. This is strange because normally when shit hits the metaphorical fan, I usually feel the urge to write more than usual. I guess the difference here is that nothing really has gone wrong. There is no sh*t to hit the fan.

I have been in a space of contemplation for the last 4 weeks or so. I have questioned a lot of things, including whether I want to continue writing about my journey. I will be honest, I have struggled with the concept that I am not where I am ‘supposed to be’. I feel like I should be further along, more progressed… smaller. And as I have been thinking about it, I have wondered what right I think that I have to be writing my opinions, thoughts, and more often than not feelings for other people, who may or may not be on the same journey as I am to read.

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