Shifting Focus

I saw a photo on Humans of New York the other day and I found myself sitting and nodding. I read a lot of the comments and there were shared sentiments from people all over the world. As I continued to read I realised that hadn’t had the same experiences that people were describing. Not in the slightest. But it felt familiar. And then… The penny dropped. I hadn’t experienced what the people were talking about, but I was terrified that it was going to happen to me. [side note; if you don’t like HONY on facebook, you are missing out. Get your cute toosh over there and check it out]

 “I used to be 300 lbs. I thought that when I lost all the weight, a light switch would suddenly flip on and I’d be driven and inspired. But the self-judgment just shifted. Sometimes when I’m jogging, I’ll see a woman who is fitter than me, and I’ll think: ‘No matter how much I run, I’ll never look like that.’ It’s the same voice in my head as before. Only difference is now I’m better at telling it to shut the fuck up.” 

Anyone else nodding their head too? Oh I feel you. I’ve lost weight, and gained it back. I lost it again, and then it came back again. Similarly I’ve waited and waited for the switch to flick. That the drive, and particularly the happiness would come in abundance. If only I could get to that goal weight. But I keep coming back to the strong and complete resolution that there simply is no switch. Just like there is no quick fix for losing weight, there is no quick switch for making you love yourself. Whoa. Weren’t ready for that were you? Seriously though, that’s what we are talking about here.

Owning your truth

So last night something strange happened. I wasn’t sure if I should write about it, but I have decided to…so here we go. I follow a lot of amazing people who are in the midst of of their journeys, people who had a lot of weight to lose or maybe only a little weight to lose but ultimately people who have a range of different goals but a unified objective of getting healthier and better. People who inspire me. These people have all used different methods to get where they are now. Keto, paleo, weight watchers, surgery, shakes, plant based diets, you name it I probably follow someone doing it or at least someone who has attempted it. And I don’t judge their choices, in fact what I love about the people who I chose to follow is that they own their truths. They stand up proud of what they are doing, because it works for them, and they know that’s all that matters.

Real Talk: Weddings

So, I don't know if you heard, but last month my fella asked me to marry him. No big deal. Ok thats a total lie, it’s a huge deal, a huge exciting and happy deal and in case I didn't mention it I am freaking out excited! I'm not the kinda girl who has been planning my wedding since I was 5. Although there was that one time while I was at uni I pretended I was engaged to go to a wedding expo... I think that was more about photography and cake to be honest. Seriously guys… Wedding cake. So good. But I am right in right into the initial planning stages and I am loving it. Don't switch off just yet... I promise that HT HQ isn't going to turn into a wedding blog. I am certainly going to be sharing a few bits and pieces along the way but it’s definitely not going to be a focus here, well that’s not the plan anyway.

An Open Letter

Dear Beautiful,

Naturally you tend to give a lot to people. You take on a lot, you like to be busy and even more so you like variety. Professionally, you like to be challenged, so you take on a lot at work. At the moment you are managing a big ass project and it is safe to say that your stress levels are up past your eyeballs. But you are making it work in the best way that you know how. In fact you are absolutely kicking ass and people are recognizing your hard work and determinism. You should be proud. But you know, as well as we all do that the stress leads to emotional eating, which even though you have become very aware of in the last few months, you still tend to give in more often than not.

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