An Open Letter

Dear Beautiful,

Naturally you tend to give a lot to people. You take on a lot, you like to be busy and even more so you like variety. Professionally, you like to be challenged, so you take on a lot at work. At the moment you are managing a big ass project and it is safe to say that your stress levels are up past your eyeballs. But you are making it work in the best way that you know how. In fact you are absolutely kicking ass and people are recognizing your hard work and determinism. You should be proud. But you know, as well as we all do that the stress leads to emotional eating, which even though you have become very aware of in the last few months, you still tend to give in more often than not.

Then there is your personal life. You are always, always doing something else, something creative, designing, photographing, you know, all that stuff that you love to do. It’s never a burden and you want to fit in as much as you can. Life is for experiencing right? But there comes a time when you come to realise that in amongst all of that you tend to put other people ahead of yourself. The balance of saying yes and saying no has been off for a long while. You have a really hard time saying no. And for that most part that is ok, you like being the one that people can rely on. But girl, I need you to hear me when I say you need to be able to rely on yourself too. Because you are no good to anyone if you aren’t looking after that beautiful heart.

So here’s to a resolution. Not time based on a new year or a new relationship. But rather one based on a need to put oneself before the rest of the pack. A resolution to become just a tiny bit more selfish for the second half of this year. Society would have you think this was an awful thing to resolve. Barraged by the idea that we should be more and more selfless, and give as much as we can to others. That to love someone is to give them something. Well what about yourself? You love yourself right? Well how about giving yourself a little something, before you go and love everyone else as much as you are so good at doing? A lot of us, me included, are terrified about putting ourselves first. It almost like if we really truly love ourselves and make sure our needs are met before meeting the needs of others, it somehow qualifies us as a bad person. Do not get me wrong, I am not suggesting you go out and ignore everyone or disregard others feelings, but perhaps we should take a step back and make sure that every decision that we make serves our own goals and our own needs.

Does taking on that extra freelance project mean that you won’t have time to go to the gym after work this week? Does attending that social function put you in a position where you will feel pressure or rather, will you simply put pressure on yourself to eat or drink something that isn’t conducive to getting you healthier? Does having that relationship really make your life better and are the people you are giving your energy too giving it back? These are the types of things we should be asking ourselves every time before we make a decision. And at the center of the answer there has to be you. Your goals and what you want out of this chapter in your story. Only you know the answer, and only you have the power to make those decisions. Its kind of a big deal when you think about it because you are the one in control. And whatever happens, you are in the drivers seat. Which way do you really want to go?

Love from
A friend.

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