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I've been working really hard over the last couple of weeks focusing on where I am headed, and all of the things that I want to acheive. I am making such good progress. Part of this for me has been about being a bit more mindful about how I have been spending my time, and as a result of this I have a little bit less time online. Which has been great, but also really interesting to come back from a new perspective. I am part of a few health and wellness communities online… but I have been noticing more and more that the same stuff keeps getting posted, and man, it has been grinding my gears. I figure I can’t be the only one, so I thought heck, why not write about it. I can do what I want around here, so watch out, I am about to vent.

The first thing thats been getting me, is wrapping things in lettuce and pretending that its healthy. Apparently this is the done thing now. And while I get the intention, it seems kind of crazy to me that people think they can eat burgers, hotdogs, and other stuff, but wrapped in lettuce once twice a week and claim they are making healthy decisions. Is it a great alternative to eating a burger bun bread? Sure. Is it the healthiest choice you could have made? Nope. Get out of the burger joint, and get your ass a salad or some of last nights leftovers. That would be the better choice here. I mean you can get a lettuce bun most fast food joints these days… Mcdonalds is not suddenly health food because there is no bread. Ugh.

The next thing that has been around the internet A LOT lately is Waist trainers. Come on people. Seriously? I don’t even know if I really have the words to even explain all the reasons why these things are ridiculous. We get it, you want a teeny tiny waist, but you know what, maybe you just …don’t…have…one. Shock freaking horror. This article sums it up a lot better than I could… Go read it, and don’t buy the damn thing. Go do some Russian twists* instead. No that’s not a cocktail…But seriously, everyone in the health scene seems to be having one sent to them to shiv to their readers. Well it is safe to say folks you won't be seeing that crazy contraption on my body any time soon. [Slash. Ever]

*Just a note: Defining your waist isn’t a real thing people. It comes down to your body shape, sure you can define the muscles around your waist and in your abdomen through core exercises and things like pilates, but come on. You aren’t going to change the natural shape of your body. We don’t all look like Kim K (Im thinking this is a really good thing but y’all might not agree)

Okay, now dont hate me for saying this but I am seeing more and more Paleo baking popping up around the joint and man, its getting a bit bonkers. Hear me out... lets do some simply maths. 1 cup of almond flour is around 90-100 almonds. Seriously that’s a lot of nuts my friends. I have seen receipes call for two or three cups in a single recipe. No one, in their right mind would EVER sit down and nom through 100 almonds in one sitting let alone two or three hundred. And yet its probably quite easy to smash through that in a few paleo treats like cookies or muffins. And then there is this to think about too. Because your body recognises sugar and sugar, whether its liquid, from a coconut or from a canister in your grandma's kitchen. Let’s be honest, they never taste as good as the real thing… am I right? Forgo the baking, and get real with yourself about the reasons you are doing this in the first place. For a lot of us it comes down to our relationship with food. Paleo-fied junk food… is still junk food and it’s doing nothing to change the behaviours that have gotten us to the point of change we are at.

And the last thing is the amount of people that are currently complaining the eating healthy is expensive. This one really gets me. You don’t have to go out an buy grass fed organic produce to be healthy. Is it a better option? Probably, but my reality tells me that the meat in the supermarket is better than the meat at McDonalds. And the veges from my local market, and better than the pack of forbidden fruits in your trolley. I can feed myself and the mister for around $90 a week. That’s three meals a day and snacks. I am pretty sure, I can spend around $90 a week on lunches / coffee / snacks combined when I am not on plan… and that’s just one person. You see the trick is buy smart – you know, like when things are on special, buy in bulk – if you can you seem to save a bit and most importantly buy seasonal – buy what is in season, from your local farmers market and support local people.


  1. You are not alone, my friend! These things all annoy me (especially the waist trainer, ugh, it's on a par with those wrap things). Also, eating healthy is only expensive if you're buying processed shit + "healthy" junk food - just eating real food isn't expensive at all, especially if you make an effort to grow some things yourself.

  2. I'm with you, I can't stand when someone says it's too expensive to eat healthily.
    I've been really bad with eating out lately, and added up what i've spent over the last two months, and it easily averaged out to $100+ a week on food/coffees. It's terrible! Eating healthy (especially for one person) is far cheaper than that!!

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