Planning, Shopping and Eating.

So last Saturday morning after training, we wrote out our meal plan, made a shopping list and did our weekly food shop. Then I snapped a photo of what we bought and posted it to social media. The image started a conversation with a bunch of lovely people, about how they struggle to stay on track during the week, or how they find it really expensive to eat well and so they find themselves not doing so and going back to take out, or less healthy lunch and dinner options.

Get Prepared: The Movies Edition

You know, when you are trying to change anything in life the mantra “Fail to prepare… Prepare to Fail.” really is the best thing you can tell yourself. We have all heard it right? People say it all the time, and I suppose part of me had always dismissed it to a point. But I have definitely started to really appreciate the comfort of knowing things are prepared and sorted. On Sunday's when I meal prep, the result is always  a great week. I save money and I eat well. It's rad. So this Sunday I did the same thing. I have food in the fridge for the week and no excuses not to eat well.

Five things I've learnt in 2015 so far...

The ninth month of this year has said goodbye. That means there are about 90 days left before we see the start of 2016. I dunno about you but I have no clue where the hell this year has gone. Seriously. Once again I am staring down the barrel of another realisation that this year hasn’t necessarily been the agent of change that I hoped it would be. I have written this sentiment a lot over the past 24 months. I have lost weight, I have gained it. I have repeated the cycle a couple of times. I am not going to go into the logistics of why, or how. I am just going to acknowledge that I am probably not exactly where I had hoped to be, and I am going to acknowledge that I am ok with that. I am not totally stoked, but I am not totally upset. I am ok, and that is ok.

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