Get Prepared: The Movies Edition

You know, when you are trying to change anything in life the mantra “Fail to prepare… Prepare to Fail.” really is the best thing you can tell yourself. We have all heard it right? People say it all the time, and I suppose part of me had always dismissed it to a point. But I have definitely started to really appreciate the comfort of knowing things are prepared and sorted. On Sunday's when I meal prep, the result is always  a great week. I save money and I eat well. It's rad. So this Sunday I did the same thing. I have food in the fridge for the week and no excuses not to eat well.

Things can be going really well, but there is always one thing that almost always unravels me... Heading to the cinema. I always start off fine, and then the smell of popcorn hits my nostrils. The cinema is full of people eating candy, chocolate, icecream and popcorn. And I feel like the odd one out. I get angry at myself for not being able to be normal, whatever the hell that means. I felt isolated, and I want to quit. After a mini internal tantrum, the movie starts and I forget all about it. For the most part, but reflecting on it later I realise how silly this whole situation is. I mean its popcorn, not anything really important, but in that moment it is a very real battle for me, and something that felt much bigger than it actually was. So much so that it can really effect my whole mood. All over food.

So I figure if I am feeling like that... there are probably a bunch of other people feeling like this too right? So whats a girl to do? Write a blog of course. A new little segment, one that I will add to when I come up against stuff like this, so that next time, I am better prepared, and maybe you will be too.

1. Take your own snacks. Ok, I know this maybe isn’t what the theatres want you to do… But eff it. Cut up some carrots, freeze some grapes, grab a handful of macadamia nuts and pop a can of Pepsi max in your handbag. You know what, if you really want a treat grab a few squares of 80% lindt [not the whole block. Come on people] and have a wee munch.

2. Schedule the movie after lunch, or dinner. You’ve just eaten. You shouldn’t be hungry. When you want to eat remember that it has to be just a subconscious thing because you have just filled your stomach with an amazing meal and you aren’t actually hungry.

3. Book your tickets online. Arrive just before the movie and go straight on into the theatre. While it doesn’t eradicate the candy bar completely from your visit you will be much less likely to be able to convince yourself to stand in line to get those m’n’ms if you are likely to miss the start of the movie. Plus once you are in your seat, you will really have to make a solid decision to walk out and get something that you know you don’t really need!

4. Take a water bottle. You should really carry one with your everywhere anyway. But having a water bottle means you can still be actively getting in your H2O for the day! And, you will feel like you are part of the action, even though you aren’t drinking the liquid sugar that everyone else is!

5. If you just can’t do the movies without the popcorn, air pop your own at home. It’s just a lot whole less crap in it, and you can control the portion. A little snap lock bag with your own popcorn is going to put you in a much better place than a jumbo bucket from the candy bar.


  1. I love the idea of taking homemade popcorn into the cinema. I often do this at work (I LOVE POPCORN). I'll arrive with small bags of popcorn that I popped in bulk and portioned out. I normally add some awesome flavours like cheese (Parmesan) or paprika and chilli flakes.

  2. Love, love, love the tip about bringing your own popcorn to the movies. I used to do this, then got lazy, then decided not to have it at all but sometimes I feel like I'm missing out so I might start again. It is just as delicious as the stuff at the cinemas! I also tend to bring my own snacks - dried mango, pork crackle and blackcurrant and chia seed pieces. Just in case I do feel the need to snack!

  3. I recently moved to The Middle East where many of the movies are censored... So I'm holding out on going to the cinema to watch any yet... BUT MY GOSH, I MISS GOING TO THE CINEMA!


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