Planning, Shopping and Eating.

So last Saturday morning after training, we wrote out our meal plan, made a shopping list and did our weekly food shop. Then I snapped a photo of what we bought and posted it to social media. The image started a conversation with a bunch of lovely people, about how they struggle to stay on track during the week, or how they find it really expensive to eat well and so they find themselves not doing so and going back to take out, or less healthy lunch and dinner options.

Anyone who knows me knows that am a strong believer that eating healthy doesn't have to be ridiculously expensive. We can make simple changes, and chose simple, fresh and seasonal produce to reduce our shopping bills. I am not lying to you. I have done it in our house, and you can too! I also am a strong believer that being prepared and organised means that you can reduce wastage, and save money on buying meals throughout the week. Lord knows that $30 thai take out order would have not only cost around half the amount to make at home, but your tummy would probably be thanking you too, if only you had been prepared.

So back to the photo. I asked whether people would be interested in seeing my shopping list and how I turned it into 21 meals, all while only spending around $100, and there was a resounding yes. So. Here I am, sharing my meal plan for this week, and the shopping list that I made, and a few other bits and pieces to make navigating your weekly food decisions just a little bit easier.

This week’s meal plan is about getting back into deep ketosis [Quick rundown. Fueling my body with low carb, high fat foods in order to turn my system into a fat burning machine. Long rundown… here] I tried to be smart and think about using leftovers for lunches, to save time, and money and I wanted to incorporate as many veges as possible. One of the things that I didn’t necessarily plan out this week was snacks. But, I bought nuts and carrots and baby cucumbers, which will serve as the basis of any snacking that we need to do during work hours, and then whipped cream and blue berries for an afternoon or evening snack if needed… Easy.

Recipes I used this week were: Creamy Chicken and Beef Barbacoa

Now onto the shopping list. I swear there I am not about to say anything ground breaking here. I just have a look at what’s on the meal plan and I write down what I need. And then that’s what I buy. Incredible I know. I actually shouldn’t make fun, because I know when I go to the store without a list I end up coming up with like 20 things that I have no idea what I am going to use them for, but just ‘because’. They usually end up sitting in my fridge for a few weeks then getting thrown out. I find that having a list with only the ingredients that I plan on using actually focuses me and keeps me on track.

So our initial shop was $101.80. We spent about another $18.75 during the week getting a few extra things that we ran out of. More lettuce and tomatoes, you know that kinda thing. Even still, I think $120 for a weeks worth of food for two people is pretty awesome. I bought one smoothie on Friday morning, because I was running late, and left my drink container on my desk, but apart from that, I haven’t bought food all week. It’s been great and I have definitely noticed a few extra dollars in my bank account that normally would have been spent on lunch or snacks.

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  1. I love this. I am a big meal planner and shopper.
    We aren't doing LCHF anymore but I find that if I plan to buy big protein portions and veg then that's what we eat. We don't normally do much snacking and we don't order food if the fridge tells us not to. The fridge dictates all :P


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