Merry Awkward Christmas

So, I have left this to the last possible day to post. I dunno about you, but the silly season really hit this year for me. December has been madness…. utter madness. Honestly I am not entirely sure why either, but there seems to have been a culmination of a hundred tiny things that have just snowballed into Christmas madness. I only finished my Christmas shopping last night. Normally I am a finished by early December kinda girl. It has thrown me a little bit, but hey, life tends to do that every now and then. But of course, I found time to do something a little bit... well... silly this silly season. The mister and I got our portrait taken. I don't think I really even need to write anything... you can just look at them and admire how awesomely awkward we are...

Dear Diary: Week One

I've written week one, more times than I wish to admit. But this time something feels different. I have probably written that before too. But, I can honestly, cross my heart, say that something is changing and it feels pretty amazing. Maybe its because I bought my wedding dress... maybe its because I have learnt so many lessons this time I am so well equipped, or maybe its because I am sick of writing week one over and over. But there is definitely a different feeling about this one. And honestly, it is making me feel excited as all hell.

1095 days together

1095 days is a long time. Its around 156 weeks. Its 36 months. Its 3 years. And today, when I get home from work, I get to celebrate the fact that for the last 3 years, me and this guy have officially been together. We have laughed, and cried together. We have partied for birthdays, and travelled for holidays. We have supported each other through some really tough times, and celebrated the wins along the way.

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