Dear Diary: Week One

I've written week one, more times than I wish to admit. But this time something feels different. I have probably written that before too. But, I can honestly, cross my heart, say that something is changing and it feels pretty amazing. Maybe its because I bought my wedding dress... maybe its because I have learnt so many lessons this time I am so well equipped, or maybe its because I am sick of writing week one over and over. But there is definitely a different feeling about this one. And honestly, it is making me feel excited as all hell.

I have decided that I am going to write weekly updates this time around. I um'ed and ah'ed about whether this was the right thing to do. I wondered whether anyone would actually care what I ate or how I felt or that I cried because I wanted a pizza [this hasn't happened yet, I am just pre-: the inevitable] I thought that it probably wasn't helpful to share the same thing each, or that it might in fact end up being only another "week one" in the long journey that I have ahead of me. And then it dawned on me, that actually, this is about me and not so much about you. Now don't take that the wrong way, you know I love you, and you should definitely know that I love our sweet chats over on facebook but this blog was started to document my journey. You know as a place for me to go, man what a freaking ride that was when I get to wherever I am meant to be. So I feel like this is a natural thing to do. For me. So here we go...

Eating: This week was good! I only ate one thing that I hadn't pre-planned. And that was a box of fries. I ate them because I was a bit drunk after my christmas party and I really wanted chips. I didn't feel bad, I just ate them and woke up the next morning and got back onto what I had planned for the rest of the week. The food I ate this week was delicious. It was a great reminder that when I eat well, not only do I feel a lot better (not super weighed down, gluggy or with a sore tum) but I also really enjoy cooking and the variety and taste of fresh food. So I am taking that as an eating win this week. Check.

Exercise: I worked out with my trainer 3 times this week. Monday and Wednesday night and Saturday morning. It was hard, my body is pretty sore, and I thought each session was going to be the end of me. It wasn't. Safe to say I am feeling incredibly unfit, but also feeling a weird sense of accomplishment that I did each session and didn't quite. On top of the gym, I did two separate little exercise slots throughout the week! Phew. Motivation come at me. I also got myself a fitbit... so I am trying really hard to make sure that I hit 8000 steps each day, climb at least 10 flights of stairs, and get in my water intake. All in all, pretty good.

Everything else: No emotional lows this week. Feeling super determined and pretty proud of my efforts. I am incredibly tired though. I am going to try to better implement my screen time goals a bit better this week, and also try to get a yoga session or two into my schedule for week two to try to help with the body soreness. I am hoping that the motivation I am feeling sticks around. It hasn't been a 'hard' or 'deprived' feeling week at all. And I know it shouldn't as I continue!

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