Dear Diary: Christmas is over

Dear Diary: Christmas has been and gone. I can’t use it as an excuse anymore. No more pavlova for breakfast [okay I only did this once]. Actually I didn’t go to over the top this year which is a bonus. I think I am getting better at actually listening to my body and what it needs, I definitely don’t have it completely under control but I am getting there. I feel like I am starting to make better choices because I want to, not because I have to. And that in itself is a giant leap in the right direction.

2015 in Review.

The other day a pal on twitter shared a buzzfeed link... Sounds like the start of a modern day joke perhaps, but actually I am going somewhere with this. It was just before I thought about writing a little round up of 2015. Seems to be the standard thing to do in the blogging sphere. I didn't want to simply just write about the last year. Its been a big year, a lot has happened. There have been significant ups and downs, beginnings and endings, there has been a lot, and I honestly after my personal reflection I made the decision not to share it all here because you know, sometimes you just need to have stuff for yourself.

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