2015 in Review.

The other day a pal on twitter shared a buzzfeed link... Sounds like the start of a modern day joke perhaps, but actually I am going somewhere with this. It was just before I thought about writing a little round up of 2015. Seems to be the standard thing to do in the blogging sphere. I didn't want to simply just write about the last year. Its been a big year, a lot has happened. There have been significant ups and downs, beginnings and endings, there has been a lot, and I honestly after my personal reflection I made the decision not to share it all here because you know, sometimes you just need to have stuff for yourself.

And then I saw this link. [told you I was going somewhere with this] It included a bunch of questions one should ask themselves about the year that has been in order to positively reflect, and grow from the last 365 days. I am not going to answer them all. There are 30 and no one wants to read all that I am sure, but I thought I would pick up a few, and run with them. So here goes.

A little review of 2015.

Who did you meet this year that inspired you? Actually, there have been more than a handful of people who has left me inspired this year. I have had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of incredibly talented and delightful women who I am stoked to have in my life!

What did you read that you think bettered you? I got through a couple of great books that expanded my thoughts and feelings this year. The Whole 30 book, Lena Dunham's bio and I am Malala jump to mind!

What were some times that you laughed so hard you could barely breathe?  I can think of so many. When you are engaged to the guy I am, laughing is something that we do a lot. There have been so many times where I have almost been in tears.

What were your favorite movies? Not what was good, not what you had to see because of your friends or the media. What were your favorites? I freaking love Melissa McCarthy, so I loved Spy. The final instalment of The Hunger Games was also radical, and I caught a bunch of docos this year that I loved too. The Entourage film was also hilarious.

What are ways that you exercised self care? I tried really hard this year to be kinder to myself. I didn't always succeed but I did make some time for me in amongst all the chaos. A simple mani/pedi every month, making time to go for a walk at lunch time during the working week, and taking the time to lay in bed and just relax some mornings. Listening to my body and my mind.

What are things you want to see more of next year? I want to see more of Australia. I want to see more of the country that we have chosen to live in. I want to see more of my family and more of my friends, and I want to see more of the gym, because I am really starting to enjoy it and I really hope that this continues.

What are the most important things you learned this year? That when your family stick together you can simply get through even the hardest moments. That it doesnt matter what the scale says, it doesn't validate your life or change who you are. That netflix is excellent and that sometimes you just need to eat chocolate, watch shitty girly movies and have a little cry if you need to.

What were your favorite meals? Living in Melbourne there is plenty of delicious meals. Almost every bunch of last year was exceptionally delicious. We also splurged and ate amazing food at Number 35 and Gazi and have a number of other restaurants ticked off my list.

How did you calm yourself in times of stress? I walk, I breathe deep, and sometimes I eat. I am not 100% proud of that last one, but I acknowledge it and I am working on it. Its all part of it.

Who are people that you believe are bringing out the best in you? One of the things I have learnt in 2015 is that there are some people in your life that you have to be willing to let go of. People who want to be in your life for the good stuff and not for the hard times or the 'everyday moments'. I had to end a few friendships last year, and while it sucked it was important. Honestly I am still holding on to a few that I know probably wont see out 2016. But thats another post. I suppose what I am getting at is that all of the people in my life at the moment really are brining out the best in me, I am at a point in my life where I just don't have room for anyone who isn't.

What are you excited about leaving behind in 2015? A few kilos. I know I know, me and everyone else at the beginning of a new year. But its the plan. Lets see how we go shall we?

What things have you been putting off doing because you didn’t have time? I have a few creative projects that I am really excited about putting some time into over the next year! Some new prints, some new design and some new accessories. Oh yes, its going to be awesome.

What are some things you’d like to focus and work on in the next year? I want to genuinely work on my health and my relationship with food. It is something that I have been writing about for almost 2 years, and I have learnt so much in that time. Its about putting it into practice now. And its not a new years resolution because realistically I started this process over the beginning of December. I have pretty good momentum so I am excited about the next 365 days.

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  1. I loved this (and I love you!). 2016 is going to be so exciting!


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